Work at AppHarbor

We have got a long list of features that we want to add to the platform, both the ones users are suggesting on the feedback forum and plenty more that we aren't telling anyone about. We've also managed to secure solid financial backing and would love to grow our team. We are looking for superb engineers willing to work in either San Francisco or Copenhagen, Denmark.

Lots of .NET experience is not required, but a willingness to learn C# and .NET is. What is also required, is top-notch object oriented design and development skills, knowledge of distributed version control systems and experience building loosely coupled platforms. We also value web development experience, experience managing servers and database systems and experience with cloud platforms.

At AppHarbor, you'll get to work on one of the hottest and most talked-about products in the .NET ecosystem. Every day, you'll help make it easier for developers to deploy and scale their code so that they can spend their time building great apps. At AppHarbor, we try to live the product we build: We move fast and often deploy new features and fixes many times a day.

You will be joining a young startup with funding from great investors (including Y Combinator) and amazing advisers. We actively encourage you to contribute to open source projects, to go talk at conferences and to take active part in the .NET community. We get (free) lunch delivered every day and there's a fridge on the office with whatever refreshments you ask for.

AppHarbor offers competitive compensation including stock for top candidates.

Interested? Drop us a line at with links to code and projects that you've built. Preferably something hosted on AppHarbor.