Community Application Program


The AppHarbor Community Application program has been designed to support and promote the .NET and Windows developer ecosystem. AppHarbor will support applications under the program with various services such as free hosting and promotion targeted at .NET developers. Any individual, organization or company that provide non-profit services for .NET and Windows developers are encouraged to apply for inclusion in the program. Examples of qualifying entities are developer user groups, open source projects, community services and online developer tools.


By entering the AppHarbor Community Application Program ("CAP") you accept and agree to the following terms:

  • The application website must visibly state on all pages that the application is supported by AppHarbor (for instance in the header or footer).
  • AppHarbor can require that the text is changed for continued support under CAP. Example statements: "Powered by AppHarbor", "Hosted and Powered by AppHarbor", "Hosted free by AppHarbor", "Powered by AppHarbor - .NET cloud application platform". If in doubt, ask us.
  • The text must link to and the link cannot have a "nofollow" rel tag.
  • CAP rules and terms are subject to change at any time for any reason or no reason at all.
  • AppHarbor may decide not to support the application at any time for any reason or no reason at all.
  • When entering the CAP, AppHarbor will agree to pay for a certain amount of resources for a given application. You are liable for resource consumption beyond this level.
  • The amount of resources paid for by AppHarbor may be increased by AppHarbor upon request. Such amendment to the agreement must be documented in writing.
  • AppHarbor may change the allocated amount of resources at any time for any reason or no reason at all.
  • AppHarbor may link to, mention and use the application for promotional purposes at any time.
  • The application has been approved and is accepted under CAP for a specified purpose. If the purpose of the application changes you most inform AppHarbor for continued inclusion under CAP.


Apply today to be included in the program on Please include a brief description of the type of application you want to run, a link if applicable and why you think it should be supported under the AppHarbor CAP. If you need more resources than we provide by default let us know and we'll evaluate that along with your application.