$ 0 per month


  • 1 worker unit
  • hostname
  • Piggyback SSL

$ 49 per month


  • 2 worker units
  • Custom hostnames

$ 199 per month


  • 4 worker units
  • Custom hostnames
  • IP-based SSL

Worker Size

Vertical scale

Make each worker more powerful by increasing resource limits on CPU, RAM, bandwidth, requests etc.

1 worker units per worker

Monthly fee

Canoe subscription
Total workers
Discount for included worker units

Your plan includes 1 worker

Web workers

Improve the reliability and responsiveness of your website.

0 total


Background workers

Execute code asyncronously for running recurring background tasks, doing one-offs etc.

0 total

Mix and match

You can add unlimited custom hostnames to the free plan for $10/month. SNI SSL is also $10/month, while IP-based SSL is $100/month.

A plan covers one application and all plans have access to our build service and continuous integration infrastructure. This includes built-in git repositories, integrations with external source code repository providers, source code compilation, unit test execution etc. Load balancing is built in from the start, so you can scale out when you need it.